Tammimul Haque (Tamim) had joined us in 2021 as a trainee in his 3rd year of CSE studies amidst the Covid period. When he joined us, he showed an immense interest towards mobile apps development. However, still being a student, neither did he have any idea about how the industry worked nor any idea about how full-fledged applications function. Out of his own interest he did do some self-study on Android development but without the end-to-end knowledge of application flow and actual business requirements, he was still coding on a level of a hobby programmer.

Since joining us, for about 6 months he took training on basics of web development and with his incredible capacity to grasp new concepts, he managed to understand the software development ecosystem and how the basics function. This was important for him since for the first time he understood how mobile development and web development of the same platform goes hand in hand with the application backend (and database) supporting the operations on the mobile app via API’s.

Since then, he has dedicatedly worked full time with our mobile development team, handling multiple projects from different clients. Though he had been primarily developing Android Applications with the team, he has pioneered the movement to platform independent technologies such as Flutter which has not only helped clients to expand their business capabilities but also reach out to larger consumer base.

As a friend and colleague, he is charming person who is always there to lend someone a helping hand. As a young and fun-loving member of our team, he is always a reason for the smiles and giggles even during the tough delivery times! He is a huge cricket lover and after a tough day at office, one can easily find him practicing in his nets under the spotlights.

Even though it’s been less than a year since he graduated, he has been a key component of our mobile development team. With his undying enthusiasm and a passion towards learning more, he has not only helped clients but also his other team members (who are often much senior to him!) in achieving their day-to-day task requirements. Tamim has become an invaluable resource to both the company and the clients he is working for.