As a member of alumni of University of Sheffield, Ritwesh have had multiple offers once he graduated but decided to come back home and pursue a career with us. He has been a part of the organization since the inception of his career and has worked on multiple verticals since then.

He started off working for one of our clients which happens to be a major university. His job role primarily involved looking after the IT software needs for the client including implementation and managing of ERP and LMS solutions along with business process reengineering for different academic and non-academic processes (HR/payroll/accounts etc.) in order to fit them to standardized systems. He had worked extensively during the pandemic phase and, with the help of his team, had successfully and efficiently managed the entire IT transformation during the period. To help with the teaching learning requirements, he constructed a custom application for the teachers to conduct lab classes which involved implementation of interactive platforms and online coding solutions for engineering students.

Since then, he has been primarily working in the opensource development vertical on a variety of projects for multiple clients. His primary focus has been on developing flexible solutions using modern technologies for rapid development. With a passion towards solution design, he is highly invested in theoretical studies and implementation of the same in business requirements in order to develop lean and clean solutions.

Along with his daily deliverables, he has also helped in building up a training programme for the organization where young talents gets a chance to understand and get ready for the industry and its requirements. He has an extensive skill set when it comes to programming languages including C, C++, C#, Java, Python, SQL, Ruby, NodeJS, Haskell and web technologies. He is currently working on migrating an existing monolithic LMS solution built on EOL technologies to microservices architecture (including usage of serverless technologies) on the fly.  Ritwesh loves problem solving in general and is always keen to try our new problem areas.