Our SaaS based Products offer accelerated implementations in the Education Domain. We also offer Accelerators to hasten the process of Digital Transformation
Learning Management System
Learning Management available on-line to enable hasltle free connect between the educator, the student and their course. Leveraging the power of Machine Learning we help provide differentiated learning
Institute Management System – University/ College or School
We offer the entire gamut of products to manage all the aspects of running an education institute – starting from Admission to graduation. This includes the entire Student Management System, Teacher Management System and all the administrative functions
Empower schools with real-time visibility and increased safety with our school bus tracking product.
AI based features for enhancing the value of Education
We offer AI based tools to monitor the progress of students, focus on their areas of improvement, We also offer Automated question paper generation features from text books and such other Computer Vision based solutions
Training in Emerging Technologies
We offer the best in class trainings in all the areas of Emerging Technologies imparted by renowned educationalists and Industry professionals. This includes theory, Projects, quizzes and a capstone project
Comprehensive Student Management System that takes care of all the functionality requirements of an Institute
On-line Admission Management scalable to several millions of applications all using a mobile app
Comprehensive Examination Management system that can necessarily meet the needs of most of the institutions
Help institutions and corporates take online assessment and examination
Point solutions that can be offered standalone - based on our experience with the major pain points of different institutions
Solutions to take care of the Financials, HR & Payroll of Institutes