An Overview

With his reach experience in solution and enterprise architecture, Mr. Khan had joined our organization to support and guide our developers to use the right architecture in order to meet the growing business requirements. Even before joining us, he had handled over 200 projects (for different Fortune 500 clients) and has extensively worked with financial systems, data architecture (data marts and warehouses) and migrations, power automations and large-scale technology migrations.

Since he joined us as the AVP Technology, he has jumpstarted the organization’s process management and has been responsible for all clients and projects running in the organization. He has helped the team with migrations of legacy ERP systems to modern technologies by working hand in hand with his team. His expertise in Business Process Management has not only helped the development team to build better applications but have also helped the senior management of our clients to efficiently manage their businesses with industry standard practices such as heat mapping and process flow management. With the help of implementation of standardized systems, our clients have expanded their businesses based on our products by over two times in a single year.

Even after working directly in development for 10 years, followed by 11 years of management experience, he is still a techie at heart. His love for the field can be effectively witnessed through the state-of-the-art architectural implementations which not only accommodates to high usage volume but also ever-changing business demands. Some examples of such implementations –

  • Convert existing monoliths to 3-tier architecture model
  • Usage of microservices and serverless technologies to manage business requirements and ensure rapid development
  • Combining the old with the new – Even with rapid advancements in the technology field, mechanisms and such as SP’s and modular breakage of code, happens to be evergreen.

Since his joining in the last year, our team of developers have built 3 new products from scratch for the Ed Tech community and has been actively helping with the management of about 18 projects for different clients. Some projects which would have been impossible without his contribution –

  • Migration of existing 10 years old SAAS based application from .Net to .Net Core/MVC/mixed technologies.
  • Implementation of data mart reporting services for our clients.
  • Business process engineering and implementation of end user support systems for our clients.
  • Converting a running LMS application with more than 20k active users from EOL to modern Tech stacks on the fly.

He strongly believes that languages and technologies are mere tools and it’s all about using the right tool for the right situation. As a leader, he always stresses upon the importance of developing new skills so that developers can have more tools in the box. He has not only been a member of management but also a true guide and mentor that everyone can look up to. Even though ATC is a startup, he has been a pioneer in leading the organization to international standards.

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